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COVID-19 has come unexpectedly and caused global disruption. This once in a lifetime event has had a huge impact on individuals, families, businesses, and the national and global economy. This is an occurrence that has devastated many and caused high levels of uncertainty and stress. AMK Law has been responding to many clients, concerned about immediate issues to tackle and consider, and to manage the impact this will have in the short, medium, and long term to their business. 

COVID-19,  lawyers and the new normal 

Since COVID-19 hit major parts of the world, several industries have had to adjust to the new normal and change their means of operation. This also affected the legal profession, as lawyers were made to adapt to the new normal because of COVID-19.

What have we done?

As part of our way of adapting to the new normal, we have decided to work remotely and ensure that our team members do the same. We have done this to limit the spread of the virus and keep our clients and employees safe during the pandemic.

Does this affect the quality of work?

Our decision to work from home won’t affect the quality of the legal services we provide to clients. As a matter of fact, by working from home our focus remains at all times to serve our clients better as a part of our team’s overall vision.

How can clients contact us?

Our clients can contact us via email, telephone, and video conferencing as we can handle requests and inquiries in the best ways possible through these channels of communication. 

We understand that these are uncertain times and unsure about when things will return back to normal. Nevertheless, in the interim, we believe that the measures taken will ensure that we remain fully operational until it is safe to be back at our offices.

You can trust the quality of the legal services provided to you by the Award winning AMK Law team in this global pandemic period and beyond.


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