Governance Program

BEiNG Governance Program From AMK Law and Unearth Risk


Matthew (AMK Law) and Dave (Unearth Risk) have teamed their respective legal and risk professions to provide a range of Governance and program services –  two-day workshop.

This training includes specified Governance program for boards within government, not for profit and Aboriginal businesses, along with not for profit associations and charities. 

Governance Program is a unique initiative that acknowledges and addresses the distinct pathways and challenges faced by First Nations board members in their journey to the boardrooms. Recognising that these pathways are markedly different from those traditionally navigated by non-Indigenous individuals in similar roles, this program aims to bridge the gap and foster an environment conducive to diversity and inclusion.

The principles of ‘Good Governance’


Board members hold a significant role in ensuring that their organisation, as well as they individually, uphold their commitments and conduct operations in an appropriate manner. This principle also emphasises the importance of comprehensive reporting and monitoring as part of their responsibilities.

Goal Setting

Engaging in strategic thought, establishing objectives, and overseeing project implementation are vital responsibilities for organisations and as a member of the Board. This principle focuses on the ability to set a clear direction and deliver on commitments.

Funding Responsibilities

Serving on a board comes with significant financial responsibilities, particularly when it comes to community oriented organisations like charities. As a board member, it’s your duty to ensure fiscal responsibility, oversee funding allocation, and ensure that all financial actions align with the organisation’s mission and goals.

Legal Responsibilities

Serving on a board requires a strict adherence to legal obligations. As a board member, you must be vigilant about conforming to all relevant laws and regulations affecting your organisation’s activities. More comprehensive discussions on these critical legal responsibilities will be featured throughout the program.

What information does BEiNG Governance Program offer?

This training includes a vast array of comprehensive topics including:

  • What is governance
  • The elements of governance
  • Purpose and strategy
  • The board
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Risk management
  • Performance, measurement and management
  • Stakeholder engagement, accountability, compliance and transparency
  • Introduction to finance

What is ‘governance’?


Governance is made up of the processes, activities and functions to ensure your organisation is properly operated.

This means understanding the legal obligations, your obligations as a member of the Board and the requirements for good governance.


About the Governance program from AMK Law and Unearth Risk


This program is designed as an introduction to governance. It is intended to provide Board members, including those who are also organisational Executives, with a framework that encourages co-operation and effective business management.

Why is Governance and the above program so important?


Holding a position on an organisation’s board is both an esteemed privilege and a beneficial opportunity that can lead to positive impacts for yourself and your community.


With the prestige of board membership comes a variety of substantial responsibilities and legal obligations. These are crucial not only for your personal accountability, but also for the overall success of the organisation and the community it serves.


Non-compliance with these obligations can lead to severe consequences, potentially even legal sanctions and other serious implications. This underlines the vital necessity of understanding governance requirements and fulfilling them effectively. Hence, the role of this program in offering a comprehensive understanding of governance is immensely important.

Do you need BEiNG Governance Program?


Feel free to reach out to the team at AMK Law if you think your organisation or board members would benefit from this comprehensive governance program.


We want to make sure you’re protecting and meeting all of your legal obligations, as a board member or as an organisation – but also to help you manage your organisation more effectively, into the future.
AMK Law acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are fortunate to live and work. We pay our respects to Elders, both past and present and further acknowledge the important role that Indigenous people continue to play within our communities.

Board members’ feedback


” It was great to see what I didn’t know about good governance, you covered a lot of information.”

“I got a good insight of being on a board and learned how to change my thinking on risk management.”

“It was crispy clear – relaxed atmosphere.”

“It was an overall really good experience with the facilitators as well as board members. Thank you all.”

“It was well organised and thoughtful, and presented in a language I could understand, as I am new to governance.”

“The facilitators did an excellent job of answering questions, providing clarifications, and ensuring that the fundamental aspects of the topic were well covered.”