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Tune into our podcast series where our founder demystifies the legal challenges faced by our community on SBS and NITV Radio.

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AMK Law recognised as one of Australia’s most innovative firms.

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AMK offers a full sfull service law practice equipped to handle all aspects of business law. From drafting bulletproof contracts and offering sage advice on compliance issues, to fiercely representing your interests in dispute resolution, Matthew has got you covered.


Benefit from customised commercial law guidance, ensuring your business receives the precise legal support it needs.


A compassionate approach to conflict resolution that mends relationships while propelling business growth.


Navigate the intricacies of governance. Lay a solid foundation for your organisation's sustainable growth and success.

What Clients Are Saying

Based on 49 reviews
Phil Sillifant
Phil Sillifant
AMK Law provided timely and professional advice and counsel, empowering me with the confidence to make an informed decision.
Roberta Rodrigues da Silva
Roberta Rodrigues da Silva
The experience was fantastic. I felt like home and comfortable receiving my legal advice. I highly recommend AMK Law.
Adrian Bell
Adrian Bell
We would like to thank Matthew @ AMK Law for his expertise and professionalism when taking on our urgent matter. We benefitted from his patience and ability to help us ask the precise questions that we needed to ask of him, so that he could provide us with the advice needed. We appreciated Matthew investing his time in support of our community-based Aboriginal organisation. (NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc.)
Darcy Godden
Darcy Godden
Being an Aboriginal community controlled organisation, our legal needs are complex and require a special type of lawyer to support us with our legal requirements. Matthew from AMK have been a remarkable asset to our organisation. Matthew is an experienced and passionate solicitor, and we have loved every moment of working with him. I would recommend Matthew and the AMK team to any Aboriginal community controlled organisations seeeking advice or represenation.
James Hamilton
James Hamilton
From the beginning of the engagement Matthew showed a depth of understanding and a degree of professionalism that put me at ease and filled me with confidence that I had made the right choice. It was particularly reassuring to be told honestly what the results of certain actions would most probably be and the next steps to take. I cannot recommend AMK Law more highly.
katherine kavakos
katherine kavakos
Matthew is an exceptional lawyer, a man with integrity; achieving outstanding results for his clients.
Jack R
Jack R
From the moment we engaged AMK Law services, it was evident that we had made the right choice. The firm's professionalism, attention to detail, and commitment to our legal needs have been exemplary throughout our partnership. The level of dedication demonstrated by each member of AMK Law has truly set a new standard for excellence. The firm's deep knowledge and understanding of the legal landscape, combined with their ability to adapt to our unique requirements, have consistently exceeded our expectations. AMK Law's expert advice and guidance have been invaluable in navigating complex legal matters, and thei prompt and clear communication ensured that we were well-informed every step of the way.
Scott McCartney
Scott McCartney
My company has used AMK Law on numerous occasions. Matt provided a professional service and exceeded my expectations every time. I would highly recommend
Ness Edwards
Ness Edwards
We have been working with Matthew and the team at AMK Law for the past few months. They are extremely knowledgeable, helpful & proactive. The communication and service from Matthew was invaluable and has made navigating what we needed easy. I highly recommend Matthew and the team if you want a high level of service, communication and knowledge.
Jamie Lee
Jamie Lee
Honesty, integrity and trust are key to the services provided by the AMK Law team. The practice is professional and comprehensive. Thank you again to the team @AMK Law, we appreciate your legal advice and assistance in all matters legal.