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Intellectual Property Lawyer

AMK Law is able to offer you thorough advice on a range of intellectual property law matters, ranging from applications to litigation. Our Intellectual Property Lawyer will create an approach in line with your intentions and objectives in order to achieve the best outcome for you.

We understand how important IP assets can be to an individual or a business and we will partner with you to protect those assets.

We are also able to act quickly due to our agile structure as we know that often with intellectual property matters, time is of the essence. We will navigate through the matrix of legal jargon with you and make it understandable and accessible to you.

You will benefit from our professionalism and our ability to find practical and effective solutions to your issues and concerns, with the added ease of communicating directly with an experience Intellectual Property Lawyer.

Our range of IP works include:

  • Copyright
  • Trade mark
  • Designs
  • Litigation/dispute resolution
  • Commercial IP law


We have fixed fee pricing available.  You can contact us to meet with our Intellectual Property Lawyer and discuss the best IP package fixed fees for you. 

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From Our Clients

“Matthew and his team, go above and beyond to assist other businesses and they have engaged with the Supply Nation community with absolute professionalism and enthusiasm. Matthew is extremely knowledgeable and I would recommend AMK Law as a professional service provider.”

Stephanie Craze

Group General Manager Precontracts, John Holland

“Matthew and his team are regularly engaged with our Association and provide advice when required which is easy to understand, straight to the point and always with our best interest at the forefront. We have recently finished an arduous partial merger with another similar organisation and AMK Law responded to some very short deadlines and contributed in a big way to get us over the line.”

Peter Hall

Chief Executive Officer , Australian Drilling Industry Association