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August 1, 2020

Online Dispute Resolution Australia

AMK Law is always striving to find ways in which we can help our clients more effectively. And while we’re obviously here to help resolve and handle all your commercial legal requirements, we’d also love to think that many disputes could be resolved through a gentler method.

Which is why Matthew is currently going through the process of being accredited with the Mediation Institute. This will allow AMK Law to offer online mediation services across Australia.

What is mediation?

When a dispute or argument arises, whether that be over property or assets, or to resolve a business dispute between partners or stakeholders, it can often be a very emotional time. Many of us tend to want to jump straight into getting legal advice and instigating a court case in order to ensure we receive what we believe we deserve – or the outcome we believe to be most beneficial.

And that is totally fair enough.

Trouble is, as most of us know, legal action can be a long and expensive process. It can also be incredibly emotionally draining and traumatic for all parties involved.

That’s where mediation is the perfect first step in trying to resolve a dispute. Mediation brings two or more parties together in a meeting, that is expertly facilitated and guided by an impartial and unemotional expert.

That way, the aim is always to try and avoid that lengthy and stressful legal and court process and work towards a more peaceful and quicker resolution.

Relationships matter

Clearly, taking any form of legal action is a drastic step to take. Sometimes though it can certainly feel like the only option when someone just won’t listen to your point of view and when you feel that there is a lot at stake.

Legal action, however, can break up relationships and alienate important people. Particularly in a business setting, where partners or stakeholders can’t agree and the health of an entire business or company is on the line. It’s always much better for each individual party to remain on speaking terms – or to try and mend those bridges, for mutual gain.

Mediation tends to keep relationships intact. It can also work well to bring partnerships or estranged parties back together, and get them working well together, once again.

A good mediator will work incredibly hard to keep all parties focused on ‘big picture’ goals or goals that benefit everyone and can help each party see the other points of view more clearly and rationally.

It can also help to prevent more minor issues from escalating further and often provides a better (and happier) end result.

What is the training and accreditation for mediation?

Matthew is currently completing his mediation training course with the Mediation Institute. This course will ensure that he’s well versed in guiding mediation sessions effectively and has expert communication skills to enable him to get the best outcomes from all parties who participate.

Once complete, he will become an accredited mediator through the Mediation Institute, who are a Recognised Mediator Accreditation Body and complaint handling service.

That way, you can rely on our ability to achieve a successful and peaceful outcome.

Online Dispute Resolution Australia

We hope to announce the commencement of AMK Law’s new mediation services and dispute resolutions services very soon, once Matthew is accredited.

And location isn’t a barrier for us. While we plan to hold mediation sessions in our office for local clients – we can also offer our mediation services online via online meeting software, allowing us to provide online dispute resolution services right across Australia.

This is particularly useful with the current Covid-19 situation and/or if the parties involved are located in different states.

Make sure you keep an eye on our blog and social media pages if you feel this service is something that might assist you, now or into the future.

We look forward to being able to offer more options to help you settle arguments more peacefully and to contribute to your continued success.

Important disclaimer: The material contained in this publication is of a general nature only and it is not, nor is intended to be legal advice. This publication is based on the law as it was prior to the date of your reading of it. If you wish to take any action based on the content of this publication, we recommend that you seek professional legal advice. 

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