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Innovative online legal services approach by using leading-edge legal technology to create essential online legal documents designed for startups and small businesses in an efficient and affordable way.

Website Terms and Conditions
Set up the rules for your Terms and Conditions page including all details about your commercial transactions.
Fixed Fee
Privacy Policy
This outlines how information collected will be used or not used from customers, it also informs how the data will be collected and stored.
Fixed Price
Service Agreement
Services Agreements sets out the terms of the relationship between service providers and their clients.
Fixed Price
Contract of Employment
This outlines the basis of the employment agreement between an employer and employee. This includes all details related to remuneration, roles and responsibilities.
Fixed Price
Contractor Agreement
A contractor is engaged by a principal to perform services under a Contractor Agreement. Contractors are self-employed and earn income by invoicing the principal for their services.
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Value For Money
Reduce spend with affordable and cost effective prices.
Saving You Time
Time to work on your own area of expertise and projects.
We’ve got your back. All documents are reviewed by lawyers.
Easy online legal services at your fingertips.
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Responsive, Easy To Navigate & User Friendly.
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Exclusively Developed by Lawyers.

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