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Which structure would be best for my business?

Determining your business structure is a very important factor when either commencing business operations, experiencing growth or experiencing changes to your business.  The most common business structures in Australia are sole trader, partnership, company and trust structures.  Most often a company structure can provide liability protections and depending on your circumstances tax advantages.

How to check whether a business name is available for registration?

You can check by searching online, for example on the Australian Securities and Investments Comission (ASIC) website.  Whilst there is a difference a tlaw with respect to business name and trademark registration, it is still a very good idea to also check teh IP Australia website so that you can see whether a trademark has been registered before proceeding with your business name registration so that you do not inadvertently breach another parties’ registered or pending trade mark.

What is the Difference Between an ABN and ACN?

ACN and ABN should not be confused. An ABN is a unique number which is allocated to your business so that identification can be determined appropriately for business purposes.  Whereas a your ACN is the number given to your company as a unique identifier and allocated through the incorporation and registration process.

Can I change my business structure as my business grows?

A very good time to consider changing your business structure is upon the growth of your business.
For example taxation considerations become relevant as business and income generated increase.

What is the difference between trade mark and copyright protection?

Trade mark law is focussed on protecting the intellectual property vested in a brand name or logo and especially where such branding has significant goodwill or value attached. Copyright is about the intrinsic value in what the law recognises as “works”.  This can include literary works for example teh words in a novel, the intellectual property in visual arts sch as in paintings and Indigenous art is within the definition and protection of Copyright.  

Should I buy or lease my new business premises?

Overall, these questions depend on the kind of business you are operating and your asset profile. For example it may be more essential if your business requires property for the installation of certain equipment which is otherwise unavailable to rent.  If the leasing of premises is considered it is more suitable in most occassions to acquire a new lease rather than a tansfer of lease wherever possible.  It is best to obtain your unique legal advise for your circumstances due to the specific factors which would need to be considered and advised upon in your position.


Find out where to go for additional information and access a range of useful resources available in Victoria

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We recommend that you make your own examination to ensure those websites are suitable for you..

Small Business Victoria

Get information, tips and help with how to develop a business and conduct a myriad of business activities such as setting up a business and what licenses or permits are applicable to your business. 


LaunchVic creates a globally connected startup ecosystem by providing startups with world-class education and support from target startup sector specialists and development and leadership programs.


Conduct searches on what company or business name has already been registered in Australia while also finding out about the history of such associations. Information about setting up and maintaining a business, rights consumers have, and professional registration are also available.


This government agency administers the Australian federal taxation system, superannuation legislation and other related matters. 

IP Australia

Intellectual property rights and legislations concerning trademarks, patents, plant breeder’s rights, registered designs are administered by this agency. 


This entity promotes international trade and commercialization partners and provides businesses with assistance in familiarising themselves with the global market. 


The association is the top body of the insurance broking profession in Australia. It provides services such as helping businesses find an insurance broker, giving its members access to opportunities and more.


Plays an important role in the lives of workers and their employees by regulating Victoria’s workplace health and safety requirements and the compensation scheme.


Access open data insights for your business from here. Contains information such as specific industry and demographic data, information about customers and competitors and potential opportunities. 


The Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) Aids the development of small business by providing advocacy, market monitoring, engagement and dispute resolution services. 


Get assistance from startup specialists in turning your new concepts and inventions into viable businesses and products. From helping you conduct market research to assisting you in linking up with strategic partners INNOVIC does it all.


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.


This industry self-regulatory body manages .au websites. Learn more about what type of domains your business will be eligible to register for and maintain.


Get to know sort of licenses, council approval, compliance requirements and regulations you have to meet to open, develop or close a business. 


The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) facilitates a competitive and efficient building and plumbing industry across Victoria by regulating building and plumbing practitioners. 


The Department of Environment promotes and strengthens the link between the community, economy, industry and environment. Contains information on how to save on usage of resources and planning mechanisms.  

Fair Work

The Office of the Fair Work Ombudsman, or more commonly, the Fair Work Ombudsman, is an independent statutory agency of the Government of Australia that serves as the central point of contact for free advice and information on the Australian national workplace relations system.


The VicEmergency website provides information about, responds to and provides assistance in dealing with emergencies occurring throughout Victoria.


The Law Institute Victoria (LIV) is a legal society in the Australian state of Victoria. 


Indigenous Business Australia (IBA) created to assist Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to access the knowledge and resources required to start and grow viable and sustainable businesses. 


The Australian Cyber Security Centre

Indigenous Gov

Australian Government Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. 

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