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Our Founder Mathew join SBS, NITV Radio in a series of talks to demystify some of the legal challenges faced by the community. 

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Mediation services will soon be available at AMK Law

AMK Law is always striving to find ways in which we can help our clients more effectively. And while we’re obviously here to help resolve and handle all your commercial legal requirements, we’d also love to think that many disputes could be resolved through a gentler...

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Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards 2020

Our founder Matthew Karakoulakis has been shortlisted for the Australian Law Awards 2020.   Matthew has been named as a finalist in the Australian Law Awards for the Sole Practitioner of the Year.     Now in its 20th year, the Australian Law Awards, run in...

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Feb 05 @ 9am-4pm …Details

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Small Business Victoria workshops:

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