The Treaty Authority and Other Treaty Elements Bill 2022 passed

Written by AMK Law

August 18, 2022

Treaty Authority

Image source: First Peoples’s Assembly of Voctoria

There’s been a lot of talk about treaty and Victoria seems to be leading the way through the treaty making process taking place.


Again last night, another step forwards took place because Victorian Government passed the instrumental legislation to make it the first State parliament to establish an Indigenous treaty authority.


Now this legislation also sets out the framework in which the treaty authority will operate and the treaty authority is to be independent from government. In my view, treaty needs to encapsulate a recognition of sovereignty and the way forwards for First Nations peoples through self governance frameworks.


Ideally treaty wouldn’t begin with an authority which has been established only through legislation by operation of the English legislative system and its parliament which was introduced just over 200 years ago.


But still, how else can sovereignty be recognised, is there a better way.


Overall it is a fantastic development and Victoria remains at the forefront because it’s the only State to have taken these progressive movements forwards. Victoria also remains the only State to have formally legislated components from the Uluru Statement from the Heart (2017).


Other States are beginning taking notice though. For example, in Queensland a truth telling process with inquiry to span over three years has just been announced. This seems to be something like the Yoorrook Justice Commission at first glance.


This kind of progress is the way towards recognition of sovereignty in the spirit of reconciliation that must take place for our present and future generations.


Now let’s make this treaty making process a reality.


You can read The Age article via the link in the comments below if you want to.


AMK Law acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the land on which we are fortunate to live and work. We pay our respects to Elders, both past and present and further acknowledge the important role that Indigenous people continue to play within our communities.


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